Impotence and the Male Libido

Couple Piggy Back Impotence (chronic erectile dysfunction - ED) is not a humorous matter. A man’s sporadic disinterest in sexual activity is normal, and can be laughed off or explained away, but the continual short-circuiting of his sexual response is difficult to ignore.

Impotence has many causes, one of which can be a faulty libido. There are times in every man’s life when stress, worry, fatigue, or boredom can temporarily override his desire for sexual activity. He should not exaggerate the importance of these periods, lest worry spiral into a chronic emotional...


Treat Erectile Dysfunction without Pills or Surgery

Every virile young man who has ever laughed at the idea that he might one day have an impotence problem, won't think it's very funny when it happens to him. And it will, at one time or another during his lifetime. It is a more common problem with men than anyone would care to admit, and most men won't admit it. Vacuum erection device sales have soared in the last few years, and why is that? Well, it's not because farmers are buying them to milk the cows with! It is simply because erectile dysfunction has become the problem of millions of men, and they are seeking ways to overcome it.

Penis pumps, or ed pumps as they are called in polite society, have even made it into late night infomercials. This vacuum erection device is...


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